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Site news ::  Fight Turnitin's [Un]Fair Use
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/10/5 22:30:06 (8054 reads)

"Place the following disclaimer on your paper to prevent your school from submitting your intellectual property to Turnitin.com. If your school ignores your disclaimer and does submit your property to Turnitin or any other service/program/database, you can sue the service and/or your school for up to $150,000 per incident, as allowed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Cornell Law School).

Copyright 2006 [STUDENT NAME]. All Rights Reserved. Aside from my professor's sole, personal review as part of his/her private, single-human grading process, neither my professor nor my academic institution may otherwise transfer, distribute, reproduce, publicly/privately perform, publicly/privately claim, publicly/privately display, or create derivative works (including "digital fingerprints") of my copyrighted document, or intellectual property. The same restrictions apply to Turnitin.com and all similar services. Neither my professor nor my academic institution may submit my copyrighted document, in whole or in part, to be transformed, manipulated, altered, or otherwise used by or stored in a physical or electronic database or retrieval system without my personal, explicit, voluntary, uncoerced, written permission. Regardless of supposed intent (e.g., "to create a digital fingerprint"), no part of my copyrighted document may be temporarily or permanently transferred, by any party, to Turnitin.com or any other service, program, database, or system for analysis, comparison, storage, or any other purpose whatsoever."

Source: http://www.essayfraud.org/turnitin_john_barrie.html

    Article ID : 7
Site news ::  Interested to ADVERTISE on UK Student?
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/4/5 11:30:44 (8279 reads)

Do you provide services to students? Would you like to raise your profile in academic community? Why not advertise on UK Student? Contact ADMIN.

    Article ID : 6
Site news ::  Link to UK Student!
Posted by ADMIN on 2005/8/1 14:55:02 (7978 reads)

    Article ID : 5
Site news ::  Web Site is Up and Running!
Posted by ADMIN on 2005/3/20 23:14:24 (8384 reads)

Web Site is Up and Running! We Welcome New Visitors!

    Article ID : 3
Site news ::  The first version of the site is up and running!
Posted by andre on 2005/1/29 18:08:28 (8693 reads)

We are happy to welcome you to our new web site - Students UK!

    Article ID : 1
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