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News about our web site

Site news ::  The UK is now number one
Posted by ruth on 2010/8/5 9:59:29 (6047 reads)

As per the latest figures available, the United Kingdom has replaced the United States as the most favoured destination of Indian students going abroad for studies. For the year 2010 (academic session 2010-11) 57,500 fresh student visas for the UK have been issued. “It’s almost 73 per cent more than
the visas issued in 2009,” says Amit Chaturvedi, head education, UK (north India). The 2009 figure was 31,500. “I think it is the interest shown by Indian students in the one-year Master’s programme that engineered the spurt in numbers, says Chaturvedi.

For the fulll story go to Hindustan Times

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Site news ::  UK-Student.net Launches Academic Directory - Free Online Essay Writing Aid
Posted by ADMIN on 2007/1/11 20:57:31 (7597 reads)

UK Student, a London-based online learning resource, is opening up its ‘Academic Directory’ to help university students besieged by essays and coursework. The directory presents the UK’s largest collection of articles written by academics specifically for students, to create an invaluable reference base and help avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism.

The Academic Directory, contains works submitted by renowned academics from international universities spanning the UK, US, Australia and other countries, ensuring reputable source material. It is the only online directory to provide such a collection of articles, allowing users to compare and ‘cherry pick’ various approaches so they can develop well-rounded viewpoints within their own essays or dissertations, rather than opt for the much maligned ‘cut and paste’ essay culture where chunks of work found on the internet are copied, inserted into a 'new' work and passed off as the student's own.

As lifting source material is both discouraged and fraudulent, to ensure students stay on the right side of referencing and plagiarism rules, UK-Student.net provides a separate section containing advice on this important area. Furthermore, every article on Academic Directory is reprinted with full permission of the copyright holder.

Topics covered include how to write abstracts, analysis tools (such as SWOT and PEST), coursework and report writing, exam preparation, PhD research, subject specific writing, dissertation writing and more.

The site also features a 'Presentations' section that provides advice on presenting an academic or research topic from experts at University of Kent, Harvard University, University of California, University of Canberra, York University, University of Glasgow, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Auckland, Brunel University and other reputable institutions.

Liya Wells, founder of UK-Student.net, says: “Students find the Academic Directory highly useful because they can source information that wasn’t taught during class time and can access it easily without visiting the library or student centre. The large number of articles in our database means students can even find an article written by their own tutor. By reading and following their tutor’s article, students can write exactly what is required and achieve a high grade.”

She adds: “Academic Directory is beneficial to academics too as they can extend their knowledge and explore new perspectives by reading articles written by their colleagues. They gain an enviable reference source and can save time by directing students to a particular page on the directory instead of starting from scratch and writing a similar article themselves. With Academic Directory, there really is no need to reinvent the wheel.”

UK-Student.net is a non-commercial online service which presents a large database of articles useful for students. The web portal is designed to help students with every aspect of academic issues - such as essay and dissertation writing, group work, making effective presentations, etc.

UK-Student.net is recommended by a large number of universities and colleges and has been mentioned in The Sunday Times.

For further information, please contact:
Liya Wells
Email: ukstudent(at)gmail.com

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Site news ::  Over 45 Universities and Colleges are recommending UK Student to students!
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/11/26 17:19:11 (11017 reads)

UK Student Portal is being recommended to students by over 45 Universities from around the world including: University College London, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, Loughborough University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Heriot-Watt University, Brunel University, University of Dundee, York University, University of Toronto, University of Greenwich, Middlesex University, University of Sunderland, University of Worcester, University of Bristol, University of Abertay Dundee, Manchester Business School, University of Minnesota, University of Belgrad, Uppsala University, University of Arizona, Edith Cowan University, University of Washington, Clark Atlanta University, DeVry University, Florida International University, Syracuse University, FH Burgenland University of Applied Sciences, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Stirling, East Carolina University College, Charles Sturt University, University of Melbourne, Cardiff University, Tsinghua University, Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Aberdeen College, Sierra College, Macomb Community College, Rapides Parish School, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Aspire College, Trinity College, Los Rios College, Guildford College and Strode College.

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Site news ::  The Sunday Times has recommended UK Student
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/11/5 13:59:42 (7792 reads)

The Sunday Times has recommended UK Student as a good resource on How to avoid plagiarism: The Sunday Times

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Site news ::  Over 130 articles in the Academic Directory!
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/11/3 22:24:50 (9414 reads)

Our Academic Directory now contains over 130 articles on academic matters. Your Feedback is appreciated!


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Site news ::  Fight Turnitin's [Un]Fair Use
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/10/5 22:30:06 (7470 reads)

"Place the following disclaimer on your paper to prevent your school from submitting your intellectual property to Turnitin.com. If your school ignores your disclaimer and does submit your property to Turnitin or any other service/program/database, you can sue the service and/or your school for up to $150,000 per incident, as allowed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Cornell Law School).

Copyright 2006 [STUDENT NAME]. All Rights Reserved. Aside from my professor's sole, personal review as part of his/her private, single-human grading process, neither my professor nor my academic institution may otherwise transfer, distribute, reproduce, publicly/privately perform, publicly/privately claim, publicly/privately display, or create derivative works (including "digital fingerprints") of my copyrighted document, or intellectual property. The same restrictions apply to Turnitin.com and all similar services. Neither my professor nor my academic institution may submit my copyrighted document, in whole or in part, to be transformed, manipulated, altered, or otherwise used by or stored in a physical or electronic database or retrieval system without my personal, explicit, voluntary, uncoerced, written permission. Regardless of supposed intent (e.g., "to create a digital fingerprint"), no part of my copyrighted document may be temporarily or permanently transferred, by any party, to Turnitin.com or any other service, program, database, or system for analysis, comparison, storage, or any other purpose whatsoever."

Source: http://www.essayfraud.org/turnitin_john_barrie.html

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Site news ::  Interested to ADVERTISE on UK Student?
Posted by ADMIN on 2006/4/5 11:30:44 (7683 reads)

Do you provide services to students? Would you like to raise your profile in academic community? Why not advertise on UK Student? Contact ADMIN.

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Site news ::  Link to UK Student!
Posted by ADMIN on 2005/8/1 14:55:02 (7390 reads)

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Site news ::  Web Site is Up and Running!
Posted by ADMIN on 2005/3/20 23:14:24 (7819 reads)

Web Site is Up and Running! We Welcome New Visitors!

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Site news ::  The first version of the site is up and running!
Posted by andre on 2005/1/29 18:08:28 (8111 reads)

We are happy to welcome you to our new web site - Students UK!

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