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Essay Check List
Author: ADMIN (ukstudent at gmail dot com)
Published: Fri, 03-Nov-2006
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Essay Check List. Article by Andrew Dawson, University of Greenwich

Judge essays against these criteria. We will be marking your essay based on this check list.

• Does the essay answer the question?
• Is the essay a reasoned argument in which you try to persuade a sceptical reader of the justifiability of the line of argument adopted?
• Is there an argument? Is each part of it clear? Is it easy to understand and does it make sense? (The argument should be clear from the beginning and not tacked on the end.)
• Does the essay develop logically through a series of arguments or points?
• Does the essay contain repetitive or irrelevant material?
• What evidence is used to support arguments (too little, too much, inappropriate)?
• Does the essay make imaginative use of a variety of sources? (Lifting chunks of text and passing it off as your own is, of course, totally unacceptable, but prιcising one or more source is not adequate.)
• Have all sources consulted, not just quotations, been properly referenced in footnotes or end notes? (Do you know how to reference, including web sources?)
• Has a bibliography of all materials consulted been included?
• Is the essay clear and readable? (Pay attention to grammar and spelling.)
• Visual presentation: has the essay been word processed, allowing adequate margins, space-and-a-half between lines (not single space) and a 12-point font?
• Has a word count been included, and is the essay within limits?

Course leaders often produce essay check lists, which vary depending on the nature and level of the course. Whatever course you are on, find out if it has something similar. If it doesn't, speak to your tutor and ask if students can help put together such a document. It is of great benefit for students, and tutors, to talk over the criteria together.

© Copyright for this article belongs to Andrew Dawson, University of Greenwich

This document was re-printed with the kind permission of Andrew Dawson. Original Source of the article is located here: http://www.gre.ac.uk/~da07/4-working%20for%20hollywood/essay%20check%20list.html

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