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Writing a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
Author: ADMIN (ukstudent at gmail dot com)
Published: Sat, 23-Oct-2010
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Writing a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.). Article by Bemidji State University

What is a C.V.?

A C.V. is basically a more detailed resume, and is usually used in academic, educational, scientific and research settings. Because of this, your C.V. should include your publications, teaching and research experience, any grants or fellowships received, and any other academic recognition. C.V.s are often expected in international applications (outside of the Americas) and can be tailored for a specific position or application. In some cases, it is appropriate to include personal information (age, sex, marital status), but be sure to confirm this for your specific application before you do so. If you aren\'t sure whether to submit a resume or a C.V. try to find out from the person or organization to which your application is being sent.

Tips for Writing a C.V.

Most of the standards for writing and formatting resumes (above) also apply to a C.V.
Include more information on a C.V., but be sure not to sacrifice organization and clarity for details. Create more specific categories and take the time to write clear summaries instead of simply listing off your experiences.

More C.V. Help:

C.V. samples and advice: http://jobsearch.about.com/od/cvsamples/a/blsamplecv.htm

Copyright for this article belongs to Bemidji State University

This document was re-printed under the Creative Commons License. Original Source of the article is located here: http://cal.bemidjistate.edu/WRC/cvs.html

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